Does iNaturalist record "threats" to habitats or to species and the local ecosystems they are found in?

Community service projects to “protect wildlife habitats” need to record observations about specific species as well as about ecosystem processes. I’m new to the app and just learning it; but I wonder if an observation can be made about the local water cycle or pollutants or species interactions can be attached to specific places?

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iNat observation is about your interaction with a particular specimen, so you won’t be able to made records about water cycles or pollutants directly, but you can use observation fields to record species interactions, as you mentioned app, I would advise you to try website which has wider options.


While there’s not a way to record things like water levels or quality parameters in an observation, you could always use the journal function to keep track of information that falls outside of what a traditional iNat observation includes. The challenge there, is there are no tools on the website that would allow you to crowdsource that information or search and apply filters like with normal observations.


I’d suggest a platform like for something like that. iNat is for recording encounters with organisms or recent evidence of organisms.


And sometimes projects (with or without project observation fields) in some cases.

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Also Local Environmental Observer Network for a specific project that might satisfy OP’s desires:

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If you know of specific invasive you could search the area for observations of that species in a specified area on the website but that’s as far as I can figure how you would do it

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