Does putting a thumbs down/up on an annotation accomplish anything?

If someone has placed an incorrect annotation value on an observation (for example, they ID a teneral adult as a nymph, or they identify a male as a female), does giving the annotation a thumbs down vote accomplish anything? (Does it notify the person who made the annotation, for instance?) Do annotations get carried over to GBIF, and if so, would a thumbs down vote prevent that from happening?

Also, is there any value in the thumbs up response to an annotation?


If the community disagrees with, for example, an “Adult” annotation for life stage, the observation won’t be considered to be an adult. This will affect the taxon page graphs, the taxon photo browser, and any projects using that annotation value, among other things.

It can be used as a vote of confidence for the original annotation, or as a way to balance out an erroneous no vote.


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