Does season/date of photo matter?

Hi, I just joined and I have some good photos of bugs, but they aren’t current (within the last year). I was wondering if it’s fine to post them or if it would throw things off, like people might think I spotted a palo verde beetle in April?

We have observations from centuries back, post everything you have.) Date is shown on each obsevation, it can’t be missed by those interested.


Just make sure that the date and the location represent when the photo was taken. Otherwise, remove the date if you don’t have the date of the observation and it will make the observation casual (same thing with the location, although you can set a wide uncertainty when choosing the location and an imprecise location is better than no location at all).


Ok great, thanks. I have the exact dates, but I had to pull the photos from my social media so the dates aren’t embedded in them, but I’ll make sure to document it and make sure the location shows up right.


Thank you!

If you remove the date, then chances are someone will stumble upon it and ask you if you know the date, or to give you the heads up that it didn’t save the date etc. A better option is to estimate the date as best you can, and if not reasonably accurate (ie it’s not within a day or two…) then just mark it in the DQA as “Date Inaccurate”. That has the same result of making it causal, but also gives an approximation of date should anyone want to use that data anyway… You would be surprised at how useful causal observations can be!


but most of all… comments on the observation as to what you have done, and why, are so useful!


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