Don't "fade" images on Identify

yes… a very obvious red border would be a good indicator, solid enough to be apparent to those that are colour blind, but not so solid as to negatively impact the thumbnail.

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Sounds like a good opportunity to try a few options to toggle in users settings and trim whatever doesn’t get used.

The Account Settings are already pretty messy and we don’t want to keep adding to it. I think it’s good to have options there for really important privacy/license/language stuff, but I’d like to minimize it for smaller things.


That’s fair.

Digression Alert: From a design perspective, it seems to work the best when most useful (ie. most used) options are clean and organized in the Settings front page, and then the nitpicky little details are hidden in an “advanced” section. This allows users to find all of the important stuff at a glance, and power users to dial in their experience.

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@taitsougstad: redesigning the Account Settings page is certainly on the to-do list.

Everyone: mousing over the images in the Identify modal (the pop-up) shouldn’t fade them any more. Please do some testing.


works for me, I even get a brightness adjust. Is that new or am i only noticing it now? Amazing. Makes me think Zoom and Rotate tools might be on their way…
BTW i use a Chrome extension " Image Viewer" for infinite zoom and rotate. Very handy for IDing.


Yes!! And I see other welcome improvements too:

  • Full-screen viewing button
  • New brightness controls
  • The bug that used to prevent re-magnification of an image after one + / - cycle seems to be gone

Wow, you guys are amazing!!! So impressed!

Thank you!

No fade, brightness controls work, interface is cleaner. Brilliant :-)


Thanks for the tip about the Image Viewer extension. That is a nice add, along with the new built-in iNat brightness controls.

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Thanks! If the team decided not to remove the fading from Reviewed thumbnails, we can probably close this request.

You just nailed the reason my partner can’t use this app. He can’t see when climbing cardinal flowers come into bloom. So sad.

Yes, we’re not going to remove fading from the reviewed thumbnails. I’ll close this.

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