Remove sliding transition between photos in Identify (accessibilty for people with motion sensitivity)

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Accessibility for people with motion sensitivity

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I’m requesting the removal of the slide-in effect used when switching between photos in Identify module. Since I’ve been doing annotations it has been bothering me a lot more than when doing identifications. I have to look at every photo to check for buds/flowers/fruits whereas with identifying I might get an ID just by looking at the first photo. I’d like to do more today, but I had to stop after becoming very nauseous and dizzy. It’s a completely unnecessary effect. You can see which photo you are looking at in the thumbnails. There is no importance of the order the photos are in.

screenshot taken mid-slide

Does not affect me, but I loath GIFs. So I support your request.
Years ago someone said - nothing should move on my screen, unless and until I ask it to. I wish.


I don’t have problems with it, but I’d still prefer to get rid of the sliding.


I really don’t understand why this was done. Without sliding it will be faster and more convenient.


Agreed. I find it distracting and it slows me down. There’s no benefit for me.


This should be enshrined as design law. The number of sites and apps I’ve encountered where moving UI elements undermine the experience is astonishing. It degrades performance, it’s more complex to code and maintain (raising the time and money cost of developing UI), it causes visual distraction and disorientation, and worst of all, interactible UI elements move around the screen when you’re trying to interact with them, resulting in mis-clicks, other interactible items being covered up, etc. Moving UI feels like one of those things that’s almost always a bad choice.


I totally agree. Plus it takes more time. I also don’t like the giant + sign that covers the photo I might, but not necessarily, want to look at. It also wastes time.

I don’t get disoriented from moving objects, but I cannot FOCUS on anything else on a page where something is moving or blinking. Moving GIFs should be banned from iNat.

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We made a github issue for this here:


This has been implemented, looks pretty good to me. You’ll need to refresh any open Identify pages for it to take effect, though.


Thank you! :heart:


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