Crop/Zoom/Position the feature image (observation thumbnail)

I’d like to be able to select just a portion of an image to be used as the observation thumbnail without permanently cropping the original image. You should also be able to edit this indefinitely without loss. For example you might want a close up on a insect or foliage for the thumbnail but preserve the surrounding environment for context when you open the original. This would make scrolling through observations more appealing and easier to view.

Add a cropped version as an extra photo.

I think @hughberry is asking for ability to do the cropping within the app or browser, similar to how we can now brighten photos in the Identify pages

When uploading an observation, it is a one-time effort to crop or adjust an image, so I think Diana’s suggestion of externally doing that is reasonable. The case for Identify was that the uploader does not always know when the identifier will need the brightened image, and if it is needed, it will be 2 or usually more identifiers needing to do it. Also, the implementation of the brighten feature turned out to be extremely simple (a simple CSS control).

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I’m going to close this request, we won’t be adding a thumbnail selection tool for observations.