"Double credit" postings - what's the best practice?

I’m working on Sphagnum (peat mosses), which typically need microscopic characters to ID to species. I asked my friend to collect some Sphagnum for me, which she did, posting nice field photos of them under her name. She then sent them to me for microscopic ID. I would like them in my account as well, so that when I pull up my Sphagnum observations they would be included. To do this, though, I’d need to include some of her photos (with credit) with my micrographs, which would make them duplicates. Alternatively I could send her my micrographs to add to her observations with the ID. Any ideas on what would be best?


If you saw them in the wild it doesn’t matter how many times same photo is posted under different accounts. It’s a normal and common practice.


I would say as long as you put your micrographs first, it would be all right to include her photos in your observation. Or the other way around if she wanted yours on her observation. But the copyright would get confusing, because the pictures would then be attributed to both of you. Maybe a better option would be to simply link to each other’s observations in the descriptions.


Good idea to make the lead photo one of mine. I’ll do that.

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I think this is good since it will provide examples of the type of micrographs needed for ID on iNat. It would also be good practice to provide the link to her observation of the same individual in the description of your observation and say that you are using her photos with permission so that anyone going through won’t be confused.


Good suggestions, will do!

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just in case, you can add a photo to the comments. Add between brackets <…> the text:

img src=“https://static.inaturalist.org/photos/118419137/original.jpeg?1617292631

, with the web address of your photo.

Example given below

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Did not know that, @amzamz! Cool.

Here’s how I ended up doing it. I used a bunch of your suggestions, thanks.



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