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1.28.8 (561)

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I’m trying to download my own image from within the app. I go to the observation above, click the image. Once the image expands, I long click the image, expecting a menu to appear with the option to download. That menu doesn’t appear.

I know I can download it from the website. What’s the most practical way to download that image in the app?

not sure this really qualifies as a bug. maybe it’s more of a feature request?

at the bottom of the page for any given observation, you will see its URL. tap on that to open the observation in your browser. then you can use the browser to download images, as you like.

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Wasn’t a request for a mod, but most apps allow long click to download, which would be easier than having to switch to the browser. Thanks for the clarity on the easiest option.

Yeah, not really a bug, it’s intended. I’m going to close this thread.