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I am downloading Alliaria Petiolata (Garlic Mustard) images and data in csv for my research project. on the Gbif it says " Download is only supported for structured search – not for free text queries." I don’t know how to download it as by exporting, it’s not working maybe due to high volume/entries and the second question if anyone knows about a python script for labelling the images that I download. I have to label the images which is not easy manually.
Thank you!

Are you trying to download from GBIF or iNaturalist? If it is GBIF, that might be outside the scope of this forum, which focuses on iNat.

If downloading from iNat, how are you accessing the data currently? The old export page (, API or something else? The really large exports (which yours may be), the export page isn’t preferred.

For assistance with a Python script, you would likely need to give more detail about what exactly you are trying to accomplish with labeling.

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@cthawley thank you for the reply and info about Inat and this forum. I am using the ( this for downloading and says loading and after a quite long time, it gets failed.
For the python script, I am doing image classification of Alliaria petiolata whether it’s flowering, non flowering, budding or vegetative. I have to train the model and to check the accuracy after predictions of the model.

Ok thanks for the detail. How does the “Download is only supported for structured search – not for free text queries.” fit in? Is this what you get after using the export tool or is it just a time out?

You may want to search for info about using the API on the forum - it might be more useful for this project. You could also consider using data from iNat annotations perhaps as this has many of the same info categories for plants as you are interested in using.

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@cthawley thank you for the reply and the explanation. I will check for the annotations on iNat

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