Downloading my list of observed butterflies


This probably has been covered but I can not find a simple solution.

I want to download a list of my butterfly species seen. Not all observations. I want it in taxonomic order as outlined on iN. Where and how do I go about this?


Hi Peter and welcome to the forum.

You can do this by utilising the new lifelist feature. Assuming your username is the same on iNat, head to this link and then click this button at top of screen:

From there, you can search for ‘butterflies’ at top left. Make sure you select the ‘species’ button on the right, and select ‘taxonomic’ for the sort dropdown. Your screen should now look like this:

Hit the blue export button top right, and then make sure you tick both these boxes:


Thanks a million!

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I tried it too and it works very well! The taxonomic sorting does seem to group species together based on family but the family itself isn’t explicitly stated from what I can see. I feel it would be useful if the excel file has another column which shows the family the taxon belongs to.


Thanks for these explanations. Now, what I wanted to do is download my butterfly life-list, but only for a selected section of the map. Is this possible too ? I need those lists to determinate which species I found in a specified location.

Sure can, when you go to your life list you can filter by place

By selected section of a map do you mean something that has defined borders like a province, park etc, or literally draw a box on the map that covers a certain area ?

For now, I just drew a box on the map. That works fine. But in the future another more precise delimitation with f.ex. free form selection or defined borders would be fine too, but I think that is not possible.

Thanks. That works only for known places, as Cities, projects, countries. a.s.o. . But for an example I can not name the place “my garden” or some other unknown places from which I want to download observations. For the moment choosing to draw a box over the location will do fine, although it is not very precise. Free form selection would be better, but I think that would create much trouble an slow down i-Nat servers.

You can do this by creating a place: Assuming your place is relatively small, it shouldn’t be a problem

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Thanks. That’s done. It’s exactly what I searched for… I read in i-Nat help topics, that it is not recommended to create too much new places, but this one will do fine :-)


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