Filter option missing

Hello, i used to filter species from my list with something i cant find any longer.
It was the " observed" “not observed” choice.
I cant seem to find it any more


Isn’t new life list good for that? It shows unobserved species.

There is that option on the dynamic life list but apparently not on user-created lists.

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Yes, that’s why I’m asking.

yes it is an user created list.
but up to lets say 4 weeks ago that was an option

Yeah, and it was really useful.

I believe that’s part of the Phase 2 changes discussed here:


“We also plan to remove observation stats from listed taxa. We realize that this will remove functionality to compare what species on a list have been observed and which haven’t been observed - this is, for example, what controls the color (green means observed and yellow means unobserved) of the check list places on taxon maps. But, if there is demand for this kind of functionality to compare a list with a set of observations, we think we can build more scalable functionality to do so rather than the existing observation stats.

I was just going to start exporting to my own database but maybe they’ll introduce something.

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so how can i know now, which of the species in my list i have not yet observed?

A quick-and-dirty solution is to scroll to the bottom of a list page. Download the CSV and sort for which ones have first observed and last observed.

well i tried do the excel thing, but i could not understand actually.

If I understand correctly what you’re looking for, download the .csv file. Select the whole sheet and do a custom sort with “My data has headers” on the last_observation column. Scrolling down, you will see that any blank cell in that column is for an unobserved taxon. If this wasn’t helpful, let me know and we’ll figure this out.

And you get this

Edited it to add that this is my custom list of butterflies of Wisconsin.

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