Duplicate a project


Hi! I have been working to create a series of collection projects to document the biodiversity of our university campus (examples: here and here ). I then created an umbrella project to synthesize the data from these projects ( see here ). I chose this approach so that I could also include projects created by other users ( see here ) in my umbrella project.

I am using the same settings for all my collection projects with only minor changes to the observation requirements. It would be great if there was an option to duplicate an old project to speed up the process of creating a new one, especially when the new one will have similar settings.

Use examples

  • Organizers of annual greenspace challenges and bioblizes
  • Teachers that run class projects on a semester basis

I can see it being useful for keeping consistency between them

This is now live for collection projects. If you go to the edit page of a project, you’ll now see this button:

Note that icons and banners will not be duplicated, but everything else will. We’ll be adding a pop-up with better text soon.


Brilliant, thanks tiwane