Duplicate Places

How does iNaturalist handle duplicate places? Is there a way to merge places?

I noticed that one city, Charlottesville VA, is listed as 3 different places on iNaturalist. They vary in accuracy as far as the name and area.

Places Named Charlottesville

Correct Name

Charlottesville, VA is not a county or town, so the names "Charlottesville County" and "Charlottesville Town" are incorrect. It is officially called "Charlottesville City" and is an independent city (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Independent_city_(United_States)).

Correct Area

Only one of these places, Charlottesville County, have the proper area that is designated as Charlottesville City. The places Charlottesville City and Charlottesville Town do not have the proper area. City boundary: https://goo.gl/maps/X2Y3dLqyUiDmjfjp8.
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you could merge these, keeping the name and boundaries that are correct. but I would at least check with the projects that use these places before you merge.

That is what I was hoping to do. Unfortunately, I do not own these places. With the exception of Charlottesville City, it does not appear that I can edit the places (even though the curator’s guide states that I should be able to edit them).

@bouteloua ?

A question for Placemaster Scott (@loarie).

I was able to merge “Charlottesville City” and “Charlottesville County”, but it appears that I cannot edit “Charlottesville County” or “Charlottesville Town”.

It looks like other curators are trying to do some editing to Gainesville, FL and are having similar problems (Editing a place boundary forum post). Does anyone happen to have an answer as to why curators can edit some places, but not others?

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