Some non-standard places are not editable even by curators

Platform: website

Browser: any

Non-curators can only edit places they create. Curators are supposed to also be allowed to edit any non-standard place. However, some non-standard places are not editable even by curators. Two examples:

The town of Charlottesville, VA

The town of Gainesville, GA

Previous discussions mentioning this include:

In the Colorado discussion, @pisum said


Could be because of this:


This has been an issue dating back to before the forum even started.


I agree, this has been a wide spread, long standing problem.

I’ve been trying to get Charlottesville edited for about a year now to no avail. Both “Charlottesvilles” are non-standard places that are incorrect to some degree (discussed in We don’t have the ability to edit either of them.

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Another admin level 3 non-editable place:

Edit: and another

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tiwane fixed Berkeley, so that’s one down!