Duplicated projects

Why do we have two identical projects? If, as the project creation page mentions, they make the website slower, then one of them should be removed, more likely the second one since it has been created later and the first one has the advantage of belonging to the hierarchy. They are also a source of confusion.


Well, one project seems to be created in English, the other in French.

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The projects were created by two different people.


It was so obvious that one has a French name and one and English name; should I have mentioned since it’s in even in the URL! And of course most of the time the duplicate things are created by different people. But absolutely nothing is different between them, as they contain exactly the same data (observations, observers, territory).

If taxa are the same but translated into local languages, should projects not be allowed to be locally translated while being unique?

Then following this logic, should I then ask several people to duplicate infinitely these projects with slightly different names or in different languages?

The two creators might have different intentions for the projects and possibly haven’t seen the other one. I don’t think either of the projects should be deleted just because they (perhaps coincidentally) have the same content


No, you should not do that.


That sounds like a feature request.


That was irony if someone didn’t notice.

I can also speculate that they did it on purpose, but it won’t change anything. After these projects have been open for years, we should look at facts and not suppositions.

The facts are that the projects belong to the people who created them, for whatever their reasons are. Only they get to decide what to do with their projects.


Bur it would be nice if both creators explain themselves concerning their intensions! Don´t you think so?

That’s what the project description is for, however it would be nice if intentions were even clearer.

What we do know is that one is under an umbrella project for European subdivisions, whereas the other stands alone. Although the umbrella project is currently incomplete, by the title we can infer the creator intended to create a collection project for every subdivision. The other creator created the project individually, perhaps because they have a connection to the place.

Duplicates exactly like this occur all the time (just search a place and then go to “projects” to find them). I’m fine with all of these projects standing because I believe it would be unfair to delete any of the projects.

Let’s say an iNaturalist user wanted to manage a project over a county they visited. They decide to create the project, maybe designing an icon and banner. Little did they know, someone else had created a project with the exact same content, just a few weeks earlier. I don’t think either of these theoretical users should be able to own the idea of a project, and be the only one allowed to make a project with the same parameters.

With that said, before creating a project, a user should still check if they are creating a duplicate. I just don’t think that a project should be deleted if someone didn’t check or if someone just wanted to create a similar project (with maybe slightly different parameters or intentions)

They don’t owe you any explanation, but feel free to ask them. Posting a forums topic seems ill suited for that, try a direct message.

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The obvious and simple answer is that it wasn’t known that a project like this existed, and searching for it in their language wouldn’t have brought it up, so they went ahead. What is this for???

Okay, wait, I just looked at the projects and they aren’t the sort I imagined them to be. Still a bit of an overreaction for this, but yeah, I dunno what’s up with them.