Duplicated scientific name on taxon page

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Unless I am missing something in the spelling etc Ceropegia humbertii is listed twice as a scientific name which is not supposed to be possible.

FYI - by the time this is looked at the C. mayottae name in the screenprint will no longer be present as it is not valid, even as a synonym, that is a separate described and accepted species.

Sometimes there can be weird things happening with invisible characters. I copied both to a spreadsheet into seperate fields, and then did a test to see if they are the same, and there is no difference at all.

Looking in at the edit for each, they were both imported from eol (no user name associated). I think the import may have by-passed what ever validation is occurring for duplicate names. I would think it would be safe to delete the extra name, but I would also leave it for devs to see in case it is something they want to look into further.

This happens sometimes. We recently made a change to not allow it to happen again, although I don’t think that affects exisiting situations like this. I deleted the second name on our test server and nothing broke, so I did the same on the production site. Seems to be working OK.

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Unless this change was very recent you may want to check if it is working as intended as this species was only created on March 13th.

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Whatever the fix was it is not working (or at least the recommendation to delete).

This taxa also has the problem. In order to delete one of the names, I have to set it to false as an accepted scientific name, since you can not delete an active scientific name. When I try to do so,and save, I get an error stating ‘Name already exists for this taxon in this lexicon’

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Sorry if I messed up the example, but I was able to delete one of the two copies, without needing to change its accepted status or anything first. Must have been the copy not linked to the taxon at its creation.

But I can verify that there were two copies of the same accepted scientific name there, before I deleted one.

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I think the problem is that the name importer is bringing in synonyms/alternate names:

Both of these are recent, one from COL and one from EOL. The name importer is both failing to check whether the “alternate” names are identical to another name, and failing to mark the extra names as unaccepted.

Already the second time it’s happened just today…

Here’s a taxon where one name was correctly marked unaccepted, but the other wasn’t:

The EOL page it came from:

I hadn’t seen any exact duplicates for a while, but this just came in from EOL: