Earth rotation effect (bug?)

I don’t have any annoying bugs, only interesting or entertaining ones.
On Win7 Firefox, iNat site, when I am in Your Observations Map View, and try to click on one observation pin after another directly on the map, the map starts moving in the direction of the Earth natural rotation. I can switch to the Grid or List view, return to the Map, and the Earth will still be rotating.
It does not happen on portable devices.

for what it’s worth, i can’t replicate on Firefox in Win 11. i don’t know where to find a Win 7 machine to test on.

does iNat grab high amount of memory in Win11?
In Win 7, FF or Chrome starting up with iNat only, will inflate memory usage goes from 1 to 2.2 GB, with 11 processes open.
or comparison, wikipedia causes an increase to 1.4 GB, with 6-9 processes open.

do you mean just opening up the Explore page with all observations? map view, grid view, or list view?

opening it up to my dashboard, or grid view.

for iNat:

  • opening up Firefox starting at a blank page eats up ~450MB memory (for just the FF process) and then stabilizes a little below ~350MB.
  • going to the login screen, memory usage is ~450MB.
  • logging in and getting into the dashboard, it’s ~500MB.
  • going to the second page of the dashboard, it’s still ~500MB.
  • opening up the grid view of the Explore page, it’s at ~600MB showing the first few observations.
  • then scrolling through to reveal all the observations on the first page, it’s at ~650MB.
  • opening the second page drops memory usage back to ~600MB.
    … i couldn’t get beyond that because the site in general seems kind of sluggish.
  • switching to map view, the memory usage is more like ~625MB.
  • opening the Identify screen, the memory usage goes to ~650MB, and then if i drill into one of the observations there, it goes briefly to ~700MB but then drops back around ~650MB.

for WikiP:

  • starting up with a fresh instance of FF goes up above ~450MB and then stabilizes below ~350MB
  • opening up brings me up to ~375MB
  • going to the iNaturalist page on WikiP brings me to ~425MB.
  • going to the Lion page brings me to ~475MB.

so the difference between my iNat vs my WikiP is maybe ~250MB, whereas i think you’re noting a difference more like ~800MB. you’re saying you have 11 processes (iNat) or 6-9 processes (WikiP) open, and i’m not entirely sure what you mean – are you opening 11 tabs and 6-9 tabs? (in my test, i opened up just one tab in each case.)

wow, thanks for the experiment, I haven’t seen anything like this.
By the processes I mean instances. One tab used only.
By now I have switched between the iNat and this forum, staying within the same only tab. I see 9 processes of FF working, slowing growing. The fattest is 139k, then one at 96k, and the rest between 50k and 4K. Total memory used 2.34 GB.
by this time, I usually close FF or Chrome if I want to upload an observation, so it would not bog down. Sometimes I do my own memory cleansing, by opening MS Paint, filling the area with red color, increasing the dimensions by 500%, all the while keeping track of the memory. When it starts to go sky high, I close the Paint, and the total memory used in Task Manager goes down to 800MB, and everything works like a brand new mint condition laptop.
What would you recommend as a memory cleanse? The famous shortcut “”%windir%\system32\rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks"" doesn’t work or me.

i have no idea for a Win 7 machine. it doesn’t happen often, but if things start to act up or become sluggish, i usually just restart my machine.

I have a Mac bug I can’t replicate. The map scrolls slightly to accomodate a pop-up if the observation is near the edge, but that’s it.