Easy to remove or add fields and tags in Observations (Bulk) Editing page

I may be late to notice this feature, as I seldom open the individual obs’ editing fields in Bulk Editing, but today I did, and found that fields can be quickly added and removed there, and tags added. This is great, (though bulk-removal of Fields and tags would be even better).

Did I just fail to discover this before, or it new?


Batch editing is pretty old, I don’t think much has changed there in a while.

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Thanks tiwane. I expect there is still much more to be discovered then.

I just tried to edit the title of this thread to something that may make it a helpful tip to others, since in fact it is not an improved page but an obscure feature. Clicking on the pencil by the title had no effect, so would you like to edit, move or delete the thread?
EDIT after a few more tries I was able to edit the title. Touch screening probably caused the difficulty in getting the pencil to open.

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