Edit observation page: 'View original' photo link should stay within iNaturalist Network node

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): website - inaturalist.ca

Browser: Firefox

URLs: this happens with all my images, two sample urls are visible in the attached screenshots

Screenshots of what you are seeing:

logged into inaturalist.org

logged into inaturalist.ca

Description of problem:

Step 1: log into inaturalist.ca (make sure that you are not also logged into inaturalist.org on the same computer)

Step 2: open one of your own observations and click on the edit button

Step 3: click on the view orginal link under an image

Result: the image page opens without acknowledging the existing credentials - a login link appears in the upper right

If logged in directly to inaturalist.org, the images launch normally

I think the “Edit Observations” page design might predate the existence of the iNaturalist Network.

Just wanted to add in a screenshot that Illustrates the issue of the link going to .org (instead of .ca as expected):

Thanks, I filed an issue for this.

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Yup, it’s very old.

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