"Edit Observations" leads to wrong page (or just remove from the subnav)

When viewing someone else’s profile, lists, faves, etc, the Edit Observations link leads to their Edit Observations page. It should either lead to my Edit Observations page, or, really, the link should be removed from these views, since it doesn’t make sense to include a link to edit my observations in this subnavigation area. Its inclusion makes it seem like I would be able to edit someone else’s observations.

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Edit: The link to Edit Observations has since been removed from…


I like having this link for other people and use it frequently (in addition to the one that goes to Explore). I would prefer just having the name changed. Maybe it could just be “Observations” and the other one “Explore Observations”, for example.
As a side note, it’s only available to logged in users, which doesn’t really make sense because it’s not actually an editing page when it’s for someone else.


I also like having the link present for other people. It seems easier to follow people from that page (Home key + click on “Follow”) and I like having the thumbnails, map, and dates all easily visible together on one page. I will admit that it’s not as impressive visually when I just want to browse observations though.

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Yes, the ‘Edit Observations’ link for other users is truly misleading.
I could imagine to name the two links ‘observation view #1’ and ‘observation #2’ or something similar. However, this should not affect one’s own profile, where the term ‘edit observations’ should be maintained.

Where did the “Edit Observations” link go on OTHER members pages? It never went to wrong page when looking at OTHER members profile page. I used that all the time. Rather than remove it why not rename it if thats the problem. That link to me, and I see a few others, much more useful than the ‘Observations’ link that takes one to that BIG map. Personally I never use that. It used to be that ‘Observations’ went to that nice page … then was changed to ‘Edit Observations’ … now it disappeared completely. I can’t find it. I can’t find any info that it was removed. Maybe I’m missing something?