Email notifications for messages with same title to different users are merged

my settings are such that I get an email when someone replies to one of my messages. this is separate from the daily summaries.

normally, I get an email titled “[iNaturalist] Message Title” and in the text is “userA sent you a new message on iNaturalist”. further replies by userA under that topic create a new email that stacks/is under the original email.

However, say I send three messages to userB, userC, and userD, and each message title is “why spiders are cute”. When userB replies, I get the usual email notification, no problem. But then if userC and/or userD reply, I don’t get a separate email – instead, it’s sent as part of userB’s thread, so that one multipart email has messages from multiple, separate conversations.

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I have a suspicion that it is an email program thing. If you check in your email program settings (including if it is web based mail) there should be an option to group or thread conversations, and I think it is done on the subject only. There might be the option to thread on both subject and sender though, you would need to check

In my mail program, for instance, there is only the choice of no grouping or by subject:

I believe has to do with the way your email provider/program sorts emails. iNat just sends an email to you with the subejct of the message.