No email notifications from iNaturalist

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I have been using iNaturalist for several years now, and only recently found out that the website is supposed to send email notifications for new comments, identifications, and observations by people I follow. I have never received any such email notifications. I have checked my account settings and verified that the settings for email notifications are turned on, and my account is linked to my email address, so I’m unsure if this is a bug or if there’s some other issue I’m missing. Is there any way I can fix this issue?

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Can you give a pointer to the web page that makes this claim?

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By default, we send daily update emails to every user, as well as email notifications if you receive an iNat message from another user. iNat generates emails based on your Account Settings, which you can update.

However, those emails are actually sent to you by a third party email service we use, SendGrid. And it’s possible to unsubscribe from emails via links in the emails that are sent to you:


Doing it via those links, however, only unsubscribes you on the SendGrid side. We sync SendGrid unsubscribes with iNat email prefrences every Sunday, US time. It looks like you unsubscribed via SendGrid (either by clicking a link, or maybe your email provider did so without you knowing). I’ve removed you from our unsubscribe group there, and that will sync with iNat on Sunday. So on either Sunday or Monday you should be getting emails from iNaturalist again. If you’re not, please email

It’s too complicated of a system, I hope that makes sense. We’d like to eventually have a system that doesn’t rely on two separate systems.

It looks like that did the trick, thank you so much!

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