I'm not getting my weekly 'iNaturalist Community Forum Summary' emails

I’m not getting my weekly ‘iNaturalist Community Forum Summary’ emails.
I’d thought it was because I got pinged for being rude & disrespectful, but the moderator says it’s not so.
I can’t remember how I started getting these summaries in the first place, and I can’t find how to reinstate them.

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I also recently stopped getting those emails. Not sure why.

Same here

just got
iNaturalist Community Forum notifications@inaturalist.discoursemail.com

thx to whoever made that happen

I though i got them if i did not login the forum for 14days

I Googled Discourse Weekly Summary Email and got this:

So I think @ahospers is correct.

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Very Zen.
If I don’t chase it, it’ll come to me.