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Where can I see where in its range a species is considered introduced and maybe even who added it/source? I have recently come across examples such as the one below, where this might be wrong and I want to check up on the source and possibly change it.
(Canary Pine “introduced” in a part of Canary Islands? Eater way this goes, it is funny/interesting :smile:)

Sorry for asking, it must be somewhere, but I couldn’t find it!



Is this what you’re looking for?

Well, Canary Island Pine (Pinus canariensis) is listed on the Canary Island checklist as endemic, so I’m not sure what’s going on?

when you click on the introduced indicator on the observation detail page, you’ll see the specific place that contributes the introduced establishment means record. in this case, it’s Teide National Park:

so then if you go to the place’s checklist and search for the taxon, you’ll be able to to edit the establishment means record, as needed.

it’s possible there are other encompassing places that have this taxon set as introduced. normally, you would be able to find all of the places in the status section of the taxon page. however, in this case, there are more than 100 establishment means records for this taxon, and this page has a known limitation where it will show only up to 100 records. so, as a workaround, you could use this to see all the establishment means records:


thanks! But I cannot see who put this status right?

Given on what I read so far I would change it to “Native”, but ideally I would ask the person who put “Introduced” first for his/her sources

not sure. probably not.

the introduced status can be propagated / inherited from a parent in some cases. so i’m guessing that there was time when the introduced status on Spain was propagated through to Islas Canarias, which, in turn propagated to Teide. Islas Canarias was probably adjusted to native at some point, but the child places of the Islas Canarias may not have been adjusted. (so you have the opportunity to be the hero by fixing all those related places.)

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You can see who last updated the listing for a particular checklist.

In this case it says Site Admins and I’m not sure what that indicates. Maybe a cascade.

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it looks like the update date in such cases is usually fairly close to the latest submitted observation. so i’m guessing it’s just related to whatever automatic process goes in and updates taxa on checklists.

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