Endemic status to taxon

Please can anyone help with how to add Endemic status to taxon?

Sure, but which taxon and what’s your source?

sir, there are lot of taxons I need to mark as endemic especially from my state

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For example Ceropegia Jainii Which is endemic to Maharashtra state in India

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To make changes to the Establishments Means for a taxon, you can follow the instructions here.

If you have many changes to make for a single place (e.g. Maharashtra), you can also use the batch function, described here.

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You can go to the “place” page for a location, if it has one. For example: the Western Ghats page allows you to look at and filter that taxon by their establishment means.

If something is missing from one of the establishment means (eg, introduced, native, endemic) you can go to the Checklist Page for that location, search for the specific taxa and edit the establishment means there.

However, in order to maintain reliability and continuity iNat is particular about what sources are used for things like species names, establishment means, etc, so while a source like Flowers of India may indeed have 100% correct information it may not be considered as reliable a source as something like KEW’s Plants of the World.

In this case it’s complicated because Ceropegia jainii has two search results on KEW both of which appear to be be different, using the same accepted name of Ceropegia jainii; one being a synonym for Arisaema ghaticum, a plant that image searches seem to indicate is a very different plant from Ceropegia jainii.

The upshot is that you need to be really careful in editing things like establishment means in order to ensure that you not only have the correct species, but that you are using the same data sources iNat relies on.

If you’re not 100% sure of the above it’s a good idea to flag the specific species in question, provide links and resources for the curators to make a case supporting the edit and ask them to do it. Which can be frustrating for all parties involved, bu it does help to cut down on errors.


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