Enter several search parameters in Explore before search starts

In cases when internet connection is slow, clicking on the ‘Explore’ tab can result in some waiting time until the observations are loaded and during that time one can not interact with the settings/filter options. It would be great to be able to enter some search parameters before the search starts, or, alternatively, to be able to enter them parallel to the observations loading in the background (as is already possible once the ‘Filters’ window is open)

Hm, I can start typing in a taxon name or place, or use the drop-down filters while the observations are still loading.

That is,

  • Click Explore in main header
  • Type “mammals” where it says Species
  • All observations load
  • Select Mammalia in drop-down
  • Observations show only mammals

Can you explain a little bit more about the issue you have while you attempt to:


Alternatively, I use the main header to initially narrow my search, such as:

  • Type “mammals” in main header
  • Select “View Observations”
  • Observations show only mammals
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Hm, I can not. But so far always using Firefox on a Mac, I thought it is something on iNat’s end. I tested Safari now and there it works as intended. So apparently an issue with my browser. Then this topic should better be moved in Bug Reports?

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(going through old feature requests)

@carnifex is this still the case for you? I can’t replicate in FF on my computer, but I have a pretty fast internet connection.

@tiwane No, apparently with a new firefox version this problem does not exist anymore

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