Search for native taxa in the user interface

How about when we search our observation, to be able to search them (by a tick box) only if are native or introduced?
It is one of about 3 dozen search options, there are too many to make a viable search form, so it is required to manually add to the url.

Changing to false will do the opposite, as well as getting any records where no status is set.

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You can already search for taxa marked as “introduced”:

And establishment means can be requirements in collection projects:

But yes, there is no UI option to search for native organisms.

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i mean when you search your observations on your profile. So you can have a list to download it if you want.

You can get a list from the methods described above. For example, go to, open the Filters menu, open more filters and put your username in the Person box. Then check Introduced. Then click the download button in the lower right.


I think everyone got stuck on the ‘Introduced’ side of this question. We can’t search for ‘Native’ species and exclude the many introduced/invasive species. It doesn’t make sense to me that we can’t tick a ‘Show’ box for native.


Thank you @jwidness . i didn’t know this.

But also option for native and endemic will be good. as already @oneanttofew posted for native species.

Use my above reply, setting the filter to false does the search for native (though as I noted it will also get things where it is not filled in).

There are too many search parameters likely 3 dozen so many can’t get on the form.

Yes but this an important one. It would fit on the form if “Your Observations” was contracted to fit on one line.
And I agree there are problems because status for many species in many places is not filled in.

Or possibly, the Description/Tags field could be moved down to be level with the Sort By field to make room for a Native checkbox.

Of course it would fit, but then the arguments begin about why did you pick that one and leave the other 25 that are still not there off the form.

FYI all users can add the native/introduced status, it is not restricted to curators.

Simply go to appropriate location homepage, and open the checklist link, which is towards the bottom left.

Search using the tools for the appropriate taxa, and press edit. Then change using the 2nd dropdown

EDIT - forgot to change my site setings over to English, in English that 2nd drop down says Establishment Means.

If you find a case where it should be set for a large number of places, then flag it for curation as curators alone have the ability to ‘cascade’ the setting down - ie set it for Europe and force it to then be set for all places within Europe automatically.

Yes, more effort has gone into identifying and marking introduced species, the assumption is kind of that the default state is native.

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