When uploading observation, species name will not load

Down load from my camera to pc and go to edit observations than add observation, fill in date, time and location, when i get to species name, all it will do is saying loading suggestions

if you know what it is, you can just type the name in the box. does that not work either?

if you need to get suggestions from the computer vision for some reason, and it’s not working, is it not working for only a specific observation? or is it any observation?

if it’s a specific observation, maybe there’s just nothing clearly identifiable from the perspective of the computer vision in the photo. if it’s all observations, open up the developer tools in your browser, and look for error messages in the console.

In Developers tools had these errors: audit usage of navigator.user agent, ensure cors response header values are valid, loading google maps, drag drop content, deprecation waring value, access to fetch, failed to load resource, dev tools failed to load source map, i do not have an idea what goes on in the developers tools!

so i take it you’re trying to get the computer vision suggestions rather than just typing in a name?

you should try disabling / turning off any browser extensions and trying again.


Thanks it is working now

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