Errant Location being moved to the next ID

Somehow one of my observation was mislocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Once I noticed it, I went in and corrected it, at which point the Toronto, Ontario was pushed to the next observation. This happened a total of three times, after which I simply deleted an observation, which seems to have cleared it. What other option do I have?

it would be helpful to present some screenshots of what you saw. it’s hard for me to visualize what you’re describing.

if you had started this topic in the “Bug Report” category instead of the “General” category, your post would have been pre-populated with some text about what should be included in a complete bug report. in a nutshell, screenshots, links, steps to reproduce the issue, and notes about what you’re using to interface with the system (app or web, app or browser type and version, device type and OS version) would be helpful.

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