In Identify modal, Place suggestion dropbox sometimes county, sometimes country, sometimes wrong

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Step 1: Navigate to ID modal

Step 2: Click Suggestions tab

Step 3: Use left/right arrows to move between observations

The Place is sometimes county, sometimes state, and sometimes country. Doesn’t seem to have anything to do with accuracy of observation location. It does this also when moving between observations from Info tab and then switching to Suggestions tab.

More rarely, the Place of one observation will remain as the Place of the next observation (incorrect Place being displayed).

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This has made me mis-ID more than once already. Since I know about the problem, I hopefully avoided that, but it slows me down a bit.

sounds similar or related to

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I did a little re-organizing and I think this report covers two bugs: one is when the dropdown gets stuck at country, and one is when it’s stuck on the previous observation’s info.

I’m going to close this report to focus on the two existing reports.