Error in borders between Argentina and Chile on Beagle Channel

Some observations realized in Argentinian side of Beagle Channel (Tierra del Fuego) are assigned to Chile (Antártica Chilena).
For example:
The real border is not coincident with the country border in Inaturalist

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As you can see from your screenshot, iNat uses simplified boundaries, and that does sometimes lead to errors. Unfortunately there is not an easy way to correct this. Updating political place boundaries is on the long-term agenda, but I don’t have any information about when to expect it. For now, you can flag Argentina to keep a record of the problem.


Sorry about this discrepancy. These kinds of errors should be addressed at the source. The borders come from GADM, so I recommend contacting them about the error there. There is a link to their contact form here:


Hola Pablo, gracias por informar de la situación, ya me puse en contacto con el GADM como sugirieron

Hi Gonzalo,
Thanks. I now see that GADM did not have the Islas de Tierra del Fuego. I have now added these (as part of Argentina) and that may fix this. This should be on the website later this month.

Te paso un fragmento de la respuesta, si todo está ok el mes que viene quizás se actualice.