Standard Place: Argentina. The boundaries are wrong in some areas

I’m not sure if this is the correct place to report this, but is an issue especially in areas where the most of observations come. I’m managing a project about butterflies of Argentina ( ) and I noticed that several observations made at the Iguazú National Park are not appearing in the project (for instance or ).
After taking a closer look it seems that the problem is that the boundaries of Argentina are rough and a part is missing, in fact, that part belongs to the brasilian standard place ( Brazil), which is wrong. Even the google map of the area states that the limit between these countries runs along the middle of the Iguazú river. This is a problem not only for my project and another one to which I belong, but for all the observations made in the area, since they do not appear as made in Argentina, so they are virtually invisible for all IDers that filter the observations by place (Argentina or Misiones province).
As I see it, the solution would be to move the boundary between Argentina and Brazil to the limit set by google maps (which is the correct one), at least in that area where two national border parks are highly visited by users of iNaturalist.
The approximate coordinates of the area are: 25°41’01.4"S 54°26’33.3"W