Error in taxa count on checklist page

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Step 1: Go to New Jersey page, enter checklist, filter to plants and threatened = Yes

Step 2: Top box says 37 of 50 observed

Step 3: Second box says there are 35 taxa

Step 4 : Count manually the number of returned records - it is indeed 35, so why does it report 37 of 50 seen

Note it is not a species vs subspecies etc issue as if you turn off view species and view all, you get 39 taxa returned, so where is the 37 of 50 coming from ?

Not sure if this is helpful, but subspecies do appear to mess things up. I’ve been messing around with my favorites list to see if I can figure it out. Whenever I add a subspecies, it doesn’t count towards my observed but it does count towards the total. If I add the species of a subspecies I have observed, I have the same problem. If I withdraw or delete my subspecies ID and replace it with the species ID I still have the same problem.

But there’s still problems in other instances where there are no subspecies involved.