Error message on iNaturalist App owner application form doesn't specify identifications need to be on other users' observations

Is there an issue with this form?

It gives me the following message:

“In order to submit an application your account must be at least 2 months old and must have made at least 10 improving identifications in the last month.”

However I’m pretty sure that I’m fine both these criteria.

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it’s not specified here, but these identifications must be for observations that are not yours.

here are your such identifications:


Many thanks @pisum

So, just to check I fully understand, to qualify I need to have at least 10 identifications in the last month for other people’s observations, which someone else has subsequently agreed with?

I updated the topic title to reflect the issue that needs to be resolved here.

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Ah. I think I’ve got it now. I need to be the first person to make an ID for specific taxon and that ID then needs to be agreed upon by the community!!

If my ID agrees with an earlier ID then it doesn’t count.

Is that correct?

Here are the identification definitions:

I do think it would be good to clarify that these are IDs that need to be made for others on that page.

If you search through some recent Unknown or high level observations and add broad IDs you can probably hit the threshold in a few min (hopefully!)

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That is correct, based on my experience when trying to meet the requirements.

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Many thanks @cthawley

I’ll give that a go. I have some that, based on the description you linked to, I’m surprised DID get classified as improving, such as:

In these cases I have downgraded to a broader taxon but nobody has subsequently agreed with my ID