Update app requires a user with 10 improving identifications in the last month. Why? Can I get an exception?

Hi, I registered an app some time ago and now I want to update the referrer URL but I get this message: “In order to submit an application your account must be at least 2 months old and must have made at least 10 improving identifications in the last month.”

This has no sense to me. I’m a IT developer and I do not now much about nature so to me this is a not possible to fulfil!. As a developer I stimulate others to provide observations but I do not contribute myself.

Please, please, can you provide a solution that allows me to continue my development? Why a developer need to contribute observations?.


You need to add 10 ids, but not 10 observations, from what you wrote, you can do it in a minute if you open e.g. unknowns.

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see https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/community-guidelines-update-re-machine-generated-content/29029.

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