Error when using the camera in the app with Pixel 6 and Android 12

Platform (Android, iOS, Website): Android 12

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings or About): 1.25.6 (521)

Description of problem - the app is not interfacing correctly with my camera (Google Pixel 6)

Step 1: Open app and press the + sign to add a new record

Step 2: Choose camera icon (also works if that is the default). Camera opens normally.

Step 3: Take a photo, press the checkmark to accept the photo. Instead of going back to the new record data page, it stays in the camera mode and is ready to take another photo. So now you have two options:

  • take another photo
  • click the X in the corner to quit the camera app and go back to the record

Step 4. If you take another photo instead of quitting, the same thing repeats and eventually you get an error saying box saying “Sorry, but there was a problem loading the photo from this source”.

Step 5. If you quit using the X, you end up going back to the record entry page, but there is no photo.

Step 6. If you manage to get a photo to show up (occasionally they will), when you go back to the My Observations page, you will have three separate records (one for each time you tried to take a photo). And if one does have a photo with it, the location is not recorded. The location will be recorded on one of the other records with no photo.

If you take a photo using your camera app and then create a new record and choose the preshot photo, the app works properly and uses that photo. The problem only occurs when you try to use the camera within the app.

This is a new problem that was not occurring a couple of days ago.

Making a new audio voucher using my recording app works seamlessly as it always has. The problem is only occurring when using the camera.

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Same problem here with Android 11, and the iNat app downloaded last week. Version 1.25.7 (522).

Closing this bug report because one aleady exists for this bug.