App creates multitude of empty observations

Platform: Android App

App version number: 1.25.12 (527)

Screenshots of what you are seeing: I screenrecored the issue:

Description of problem: When taking pictures in the app and selecting “OK”, you are not taken back to the observation, but the camera view remains. If you press the back button you land at the camera screen again. If you close and reopen the app there will be many empty obersvations created (equal to the number of times you pressed the back button). The picture selected as “OK” will not be saved. I noticed the bug doesnt occur if you hold your phone vertically. This bug only occurs on my Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (all Updates installed). Unfortunately it makes using the app near impossible for me. On my previous old phone (Samsung Galaxy S10e) it doesnt happen.
I have sent the app logs to as requested.

Step 1: Create new observation

Step 2: Take picture in horizontal orientation

Step 3: Select “OK”

I’ve had this issue on and off the past month as well, on Samsung galaxy S10e on app version 1.25.12.
I haven’t been able to figure out what triggers it, but I think it has to do with the action of taking a photo through the app (duplication still happens even if I hold the phone vertically). Sometimes the duplicated observations are new blank observations, and sometimes they are duplicates of old observations.

I’ve ran into this same problem. I also have the Samsung galaxy S10e.

got it to
it was like this: when a choose media, after chossing it, another “choose media” screen will appear and that’s the empty obs.
Used samsung phone

Probably version 1.25.12 ( 527) but not a Samsung phone.
I had also some empty sightings. I thought they where caused cause I had lack of storage on my Android phone. I removed some apps and continued with adding observations.

I have the same problem, also using an Android (Pixel 2). sometimes observations have the location & time empty, sometimes it seems to be filled out. It is pretty annoying. I am not making too many observations during the winter but it would be a real problem if it continues into the spring.
My sense is that it is the initial observation or two after waking up your phone that is the problem.

this is also the same problem, I think:

Thanks for the screen recording, @jf920! This is the same issue as The cause is changing the orientation to landscape when taking a photo. I’m going to close this bug report to focus discussion there.