Example of iNaturalist Widget


Can you give me some examples of websites where the iNaturalist widget has been used?

This widget: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/widget

Thanks in advance!



the link above references a recent forum discussion where someone mentions that they use the widget on their (Wordpress) site. you can go to iNaturalist (not the Forum), and look for that person’s profile and find their website.

what are you trying to do? are you just looking for how someone else implemented the widget?

its a little messy looking, but i have the widget on the top of my blog theme in desktop mode. you wont see it on mobile though


I use the place-specific widget on my website, e.g. here (scroll down).

I have a widget on the Nevada Native Plant Society website that shows all plant species observed in Nevada https://nvnps.org/photos

I also have one on the Nevada Division of Natural Heritage website home page that shows observations from one of our projects https://heritage.nv.gov/

I tried to set one up for the Division of State Parks to shows observations of all species int he park but it didn’t work in the mobile version (they use the Expression Engine CMS) so we removed it until we can find a way to make it work in all versions.

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