Widget to show the picture gallery of an observation

Hi there.
I wonder if there is an embeddable widget which allows to view a gallery of the pictures of a given observation.
I am not sure where to search for exsisting widget documentation.

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i think the iNaturalist observation widget is intended more to display multiple observations than to display multiple photos from a given observation. you’d probably have to create your own widget to display multiple photos from a given observation. i’m not aware of one that exists, though there was some related discussion here: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/share-observations-with-one-click-to-other-social-media/1214. conceptually, i don’t think it would be hard to code. the challenge is more in the visual design. what’s the best way to present such information in a visually appealing way?


i was tinkering a bit with something that could be used to display a single observation. here’s a very simple mockup:

suppose this observation contained multiple photos. how were you thinking they should be presented? would you want to see all the photos at once? would you want to show the first photo only and then allow a user to scroll through the photos using a selector? would you want the photos to display one at a time, automatically changing, as in a slideshow? or something else?


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