Existing recent comment not showing on observation until I add an id or comment

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Step 1: Open observation in new page - I have been choosing from https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/identify?page=17&iconic_taxa=unknown&project_id=unknowns-of-naturemap

From this identify page, the little comments icon did not show in the lower left corner of the observation box for comments that were not going to show when the individual observation page was opened.

Step 2: Enter a comment or an identification.

Step 3: When my comment is accepted and displayed, discover the kind identifier before me has already made a similar comment…

Step 4: Delete my duplicate comment.

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I’m really confused - was this meant to be satirical? Or are you reporting that it sends your comment twice??? Please clarify.


thanks for the report, lera. I admit I’m a little confused, could you add extra links or screenshots?


Possibly the same as this bug report: https://forum.inaturalist.org/t/comments-that-exist-dont-appear-when-opening-observations/11847/


Hi - thanks! Yes, this looks like the same kind of problem with comments that someone else has made not displaying on an observation page - until it is re-indexed.

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2 posts were merged into an existing topic: Comments that exist don’t appear when opening observations

Great, thanks for that! I’ve moved the posts over to the first bug report so we can continue the discussion in one place.

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