Comment from previously viewed observation appears as comment on next-viewed observation

Platform (Android, iOS, Website):
Android [Pixel 3]

App version number, if a mobile app issue (shown under Settings):
1.20.8 (439)

Screenshots of what you are seeing (instructions for taking a screenshot on computers and mobile devices:
Will upload as follow-up comment

Description of problem (please provide a set of steps we can use to replicate the issue, and make as many as you need.):

Step 1:
click on “activity”

Step 2:
Click on one observation

Step 3:
click “back” arrow

Step 4:
click on other observation

Step 5:
Notice that the “comments” section contains comments from the OLD observation, not the new one!!

NOTE 1: I started seeing this within the last week, I think. So likely caused by a new change.
NOTE 2: this is not deterministic. I just tried to follow the above steps and it didn’t work.
NOTE 3: I’ve seen this several times recently, and I don’t think they were all from the “activity” view; I think others were from the homescreen view.

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Above screenshot shows a beetle ID from observation 56277793 erroneously appearing on the owl feather in observation 56420643. It was the result of me following the above steps:

  1. visited observation 56277793 [beetle]
  2. went back
  3. visited observation 56420643 [owl]
  4. saw the “Beetle” ID on the owl feather.
  5. went back and then visited the owl observation again, and saw correct comments
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Welcome to the iNat forum. That’s a weird bug! If only technical bugs could be added to our life lists like real bugs.

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That does always happen with me if I don’t wait when all ids are fully uploaded for me in the app and go to another observation, it always shows ids from the preious opened observation.


Same thing happens when I ID through the app.

Can you please send log files to if you encounter it again? I can’t replicate on my device. To send log files, go to the About tab in the app (or Settings tab for older versions) and tap three times on the version number. You will then have the option to email the log files to us.

Sure, I can do it any time.

Thanks, got the log files. And this is following the exact steps in the original post?

Yes, any time I open observation (usually from notifications) and don’t wait till comments and ids fully uploaded, then come back, then open another observation I see info from the first one. If I come back again and revisit the obs it shos correct data.

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OK, there should be a fix for this in the latest release in the Play Store, version 1.20.11- 442.

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