Expand local names section on taxon pages with notes and discussion section

Im very grateful for the local names section of the taxonomy page.
Here is an example of its use.
This beetle is common and a tasty snack so as a food it has a load of names in Setswana and perhaps some other languages in Botswana.
I think each name should have a comments section where notes can be written such as-which part of the country is the name used. Which dialect ? Is the name still in common use or is it only used by a few elderly people. Are there different names for males and females ? Is the name only used by children.

There could be a space for feedback about each local name, for discussion about correct spelling, debate about whether the name has been correctly applied to that species, whether the name is plural or singular or for a large group.

I hope iNat becomes more widely used by lexicographers.
Im trying to persuade a Museum and Professor of Setswana lexicography to make use of iNat as a name recording tool. Are there any plans to increase the capability of the Names section so that names can be discussed and peer reviewed. There is great potential here !

Is it possible for a feature to be added to print out dictionaries for animals and plants in a specific language, perhaps with pictures as well.
It would be great to have a picture Setswana to English dictionary of living things either online or in printable form.

I realise all this is a lot of work but what are plans for the future of the names section ?

Thank you
Tony Benn (aka Botswanabugs)

Maybe you should add a place to each common name if you add a common name yourself?

Tutorial common name

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Under the current setup this could be done with flags on the taxon.


also this thread


You can add a common name to a taxa by clicking the Add Name button and using the language feature to add a name.

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I spoke with my contacts at the Seton Portage Band Office who I worked for two years ago and they suggested using First Voices to pull words. They have 60 First Nations languages there. If we formed a formal working group we could reach out to them on behalf of iNaturalist to get organism names, languages, and applicable regions.


What do people think?

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But what if we want to comment on a name supplied by somebody els. Perhaps we want to disagree with the species the name is applied to or disagree with the spelling ? There is no place at present to comment on local vernacular names.

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@tonyrebelo ?



Just add a flag to the taxon.