Explore map and observations showing different things for without_ident_user_id parameter

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Browser, if a website issue (Firefox, Chrome, etc) : Firefox and Chrome.

URLs (aka web addresses) of any relevant observations or pages: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?place_id=any&subview=map&taxon_id=118970&without_ident_user_id=neylon,johnascher,bdagley

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Step 1: Was using the url to exclude observations that were ID’d by me or two other people, see above. The number of observations (at this moment 9659) and the observations as laid out in the grid appear to accurately reflect that, but the map still shows all observations reviewed or not, see screen shot. This means I can’t use this to see what regions need more than others. It was doing this on Firefox and Chrome, and when I sent the link to one of the other parties, they had the same thing.

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It’s more obvious with this screen. We’ve ID’d all the observations (which is reflected in the numbers), but the map shows all observations.

looking at the actual requests for the map tile images, i can see that the tile requests do not include a without_ident_user_id parameter. but if i make the request in my own map, the parameter does work (ex https://jumear.github.io/stirfry/iNat_map?taxon_id=118970&without_ident_user_id=neylon,johnascher,bdagley). so it does looks like the Explore page is not incorporating that parameter in the map tile request for some reason.

i checked a few other parameters like ident_user_id, without_taxon_id, and unobserved_by_user_id, and they were included just fine in the map tile requests from the Explore page. so without_ident_user_id seems to be the odd one.

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So it’s not necessarily a bug, just a perimeter that wasn’t added to the coding?

i would think of it as a bug.

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Thanks, @neylon and @pisum. I made an issue.


looks like this has been fixed.


Yes, thanks for the report @neylon. Please chime in if it isn’t working as expected.

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It does indeed work now. Thanks @pisum @carrieseltzer Here is the map from the initial post of Bombus impatiens observations excluding ID’s from me johnascher and bdagley.

And the Bombus bimaculatus map


Great! I’ll set this to close automatically tomorrow.

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