Export/Import badges and ID list for Seek

Platform(s), such as mobile, website, API, other: Mobile

URLs (aka web addresses) of any pages, if relevant: N/A

Description of need:
Compromise solution to allow users to not lose their Seek progress when switching to new phones.

Feature request details:
I’ve been reading various previous feature requests for the ability to synch Seek progress between phones, and I understand the challenges with Seek’s privacy-focused design in doing so. However, I really believe not addressing this challenge permanently stunts Seek’s utility, and I’m inclined to believe there may be some low hanging fruit work-arounds. Given that US phone users tend to swap phones every 2 years or so, having the ability to transfer Seek progress from one phone to the next is effectively critical to have any long-term buy-in. And relying on users to depend on iPhone backups (which they may not want to do) or sketchy Android solutions (that they might also not prefer or are overly complex) is unrealistic. As a compromise then, why not allow a simple text-based export file of your Seek progress? You could export that file and upload it to whatever personally and privately owned device you desire, then when getting a new phone, have Seek simply import that file back to restore your progress. No accounts are needed, but Seek could provide some guided instructions and suggestions for how parents might do this in the app. One could even go a step further by making the file encrypted or password protected on export if desired (where it won’t load on import without the password).

This feels like a sort of low-hanging fruit compromise that could really change the buy-in on the app. I’ve long been holding off on downloading Seek simply because it would have felt pointless to invest my time and then lose all the information. This seems like a reasonable compromise.