New mobile phone // SEEK 2.15.8 (337)

I have a new android phone and installed SEEK new, as my old phone has a broken battery.
Before I had a beta version of SEEK.
So, I downloaded it, signed in and it welcomes me, but all observations and finnished challenges, level - everything is gone…

Is that how it goes? - I mean… most observations should be on inat, I can start again… with more knowledge and accept that years of finnishing missions is gone…

But I had assumed, that if I sign in, it should be all there?
Okay, I didn’t use any link or something to leave beta/the old version…

So, what to do?

i don’t think this is really a bug.

see previous discussion for more information about this kind os situation:

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Thanks for answering that fast.

Yes, it is for privacy, of course. And who likes to, can upload to inaturalist.#
What I do very often.

But still it is sad, that there can’t be a private backup, which helps in this cases.
And even if it is not made to be private pokedex… it is in a way.

Well, that’s it. - I will start from scratch! :open_mouth: :sweat_smile:
At least I can level up again…

i think if your old phone had a high enough version of Android, and your new phone has a high enough version, you would be able to transfer all your stuff over to your new phone relatively seamlessly, assuming your new phone had access to stuff from your old phone. that could be the way stuff goes from one phone to another in this case.

since you uploaded your photos as iNat observations, you pull those up on a big screen, and see if you can get your new Seek instance to recognize them as the same species as they were identified as before. (just don’t load those back up to iNat.)

I’ll go from scratch.
Started already with some plants. ^^

Easier than bringing everything back to SEEK.
As the battery from my old phone is broken I won’t be able to do stuff with it a long time, as the battery empties itself in a few minutes…
Will be fun to try to get at pictures which are only on the phone anyway… Oo

But thanks for your ideas. - Maybe they are helpful for somebody one day…

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