Exporting endangered species

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I have species in a traditional project and I’m the project curator… When I export a subset of that data (using the export query form) from a specific place within the project area, export returns the data that have GPS locations in the project area (500 species), as expected. However, a few species (8 of them) are missing. These are the species that are flagged as endangered somewhere in the world. Is there any way to get the full data set exported, including the endangered species?


Without specific details (project URL, URLs of the observations not being included, etc) it’s difficult to diagnose. If you’re uncomfortable sharing that information here, you can email help@inaturalist.org and I’ll take a look.

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I’m learning more about the problem. When I export the data for the whole project (a traditional project that I am the curator of, which is tied to a certain region), I do get the records that have “obscured” in the geoprivacy fields. This is the query:

Query quality_grade=any &identifications=any &projects=metchosin-biodiversity &d2=2018-01-01 &taxon_geoprivacy=any

When I insert into the query string a place within the region (a park that has been defined by a polygon and registered as an iNat place)

Query quality_grade=any &identifications=any &place_id=163527 &projects=metchosin-biodiversity &d2=2018-01-01 &taxon_geoprivacy=any

The data that is returned is, as expected, the subset of the project data that has a GPS location inside of the place’s polygon. However, the subset no longer includes the records with “obscured” in the geoprivacy fields.

My guess would be that adding the place to the query means that iNat is searching to find data with GPS coordinates inside the polygon and that it is using the “fuzzed” GPS coordinates, which have been moved outside of the polygon.

Any help you can give which would allow me to extract all of the project records that are within certain places would be appreciated.

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