Downloading subset of project data with hidden coordinates?

Apologies if this is a repeat topic but I couldn’t find an answer to this question. I am a curator of a traditional iNaturalist project made up entirely of observations with obscured coordinates. There is an ‘export w/hidden coordinates’ feature on the project page that exports every observation in the project but I only want to download a subset of the project data. I know there’s an observation download feature that lets me download the results of a specific search w/filters, but the result of that download doesn’t include hidden coordinates that I know I have access to as a project curator. Is there a way to download only a subset of my project data, showing the true coordinates?

(going through topics that have no replies)
I don’t think it is possible to filter the export before downloading through the project page.

I don’t have much experience checking exports for whether or not the coordinates are true (aka hidden or private) or the obscured ones. Can anyone else speak to that? It does say "The private_ [location] fields will only be included when using the user filter and you are the user, or when using the project filter and you curate the project. "

If the main /export page really isn’t exporting the true coordinates when you select the project in the filter, sounds like a bug.

Or, a feature request to include all true coordinates where you are trusted with that information (whether due to being a project curator or from a trusted relationship).

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