Exporting lists

Wondering how to export lists of obs, not just my own. Excel format would be perfect, so it can be sorted. Being able to filter or customize fields would be particularly good.

Specifically, I have a Project for a Conservation area. We have to file a biannual report to the government. I would like to be able to export a list of organisms that have been recorded, for inclusion in that report. I may be missing something, but haven’t seen a way to do that.

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Assuming this project is the one you’re talking about, go to the observations: https://www.inaturalist.org/observations?project_id=biota-of-rhoden-hill-conservancy&verifiable=any&place_id=any

From there, click the grey filters box top right, and click ‘Download’

this will take you to the export screen (in this case, https://www.inaturalist.org/observations/export?verifiable=any&page=1&spam=false&place_id=any&user_id=&projects=biota-of-rhoden-hill-conservancy)

you can pick the columns you want, click create export, and you get a csv file with everything. With ~200 observations, that will download in under 1 minute


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