Can I export a species list and not individual observations?

I would like this page as a CSV file. I do not need individual observations. This is just for my own curiosity and I don’t need it for any specific purpose. Do you think it is possible or not?

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It would also be nice to be able to sort by taxon.

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It is somewhat easy to do in a spreadsheet editor (ex. Google Sheets or Excel). For example, in Google, export the obs, open the csv in Google, then use the “unique” command on the “common_name” or “scientific_name” column, it will then produce a list of all species observed.

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That would work. Although it does seem silly to download 40k observations to make one list of 1.8k items.

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Download link at bottom of page, does that meet your needs ?

Not clear if you want a list of what has been reported, or what is documented as there (ie via CalFlora or other) so use the Observed=any or Observed=yes to meet requirement


True, but you could choose to export only the scientific_name and common_name columns (or just one of those), which would make for a pretty small file.

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Oh, that seems better, but I can’t figure out where exactly you found that.

Via the checklist page for Orange county (I should note i assumed yours was the Orange county in California, but did not actually check that), and then filtering down using the tools there to flowering plants.

The checklist page has an export tool which is at the bottom, allowing ‘normal’ or ‘taxonomic view’ list of species to be exported.

I always knew something weird was up with the Swinhoe’s White-eye (Zosterops simplex) because it pops up in the uknown bin every time an observation has that as the single ID. Sure enough, this “orange checklist taxanomic” file reports the species has no higher taxonomic ranks at all.

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