Exporting only true coordinates from iNaturalist as a trusted source from your project

It seems like everyone is asking the same question in multiple posts that never seem to have the answer… “How do I export the true (hidden/obscured/private) coordinates as a trusted source from my iNaturalist project?” After a ton of trial and error, the solution has finally been discovered. Just follow these steps:

  1. Visit your project page for the data you want to export.

  2. Click the “export observations” button on the right-hand side, which appears above the observation grid.

  3. On the export page, adjust the filters in the filter form for the data you want to see exported. You will notice a query string that populates above the form based on the selected options.

  4. Once you’ve set all of your other filters to export only the observations that include your trusted source true coordinates, place your cursor at the beginning of the generated query string and paste the following: coords_viewable_for_proj=true&

  5. Click outside of the query string field, and you should see your results filter. You should now only have the true coordinate observations available as the export dataset.

  6. Click, “Create Export” at the bottom of the filter form.

Important: If you make any changes to the filter form after pasting the snippet to get only true coordinates, it will overwrite the query string, and you will have to paste “coords_viewable_for_proj=true&” at the beginning of the string again.


Eric Hilliard
Michigan Department of Natural Resources
Wildlife Division